About me


I have been in the tax industry for more than 15 years, having prepared and filed thousands of returns, and I spent a decade as a Wall Street investment adviser. I am an Enrolled Agent authorized to represent taxpayers before the IRS, and a Notary Public licensed in Kings County, New York. I hold a BA from Cornell University and a MBA from Yale University.

What a few of my satisfied clients have to say:

"My wife and I recently had our taxes done by Stuart Baron, we're so happy to have found such a good tax guy. He saved us a lot of money by amending our last 3 years' returns, and he's very friendly and professional. We have income from several sources, and had previously done our taxes with Turbotax. We put this year's information into Turbotax, just to have an idea of what we should be owing. Stuart saved us so much compared to what we would've owed through Turbotax, since we have no idea how to handle tax forms from certain investments. It also took much less time than we thought - not much longer than an hour and our taxes were filed." - Steve B

"Why do your own taxes when you can spend some time with Stuart Baron and have them quickly and efficiently done for you? He was knowledgeable about the complexities of our tax situation and offered excellent advice on our current and future tax issues. We feel confident about his recommendations and will be seeking his help as long as he is in this business. And to boot, he's an incredibly friendly, personable, and interesting guy!" - Bridget G


"After Turbotax quoted me owing several thousand dollars for my taxes this year, I decided to try accepting a coworkers referral to meet with Stuart. He had an appointment opening very quickly, and he handled all my taxes, including my 9 state returns, in less than two hours. He also saved me thousands compared to what Turbotax quoted. I definitely recommend Stuart and plan to save time and money by filing taxes with him in the future." - Frank W